Mac Malware Attribution Research Whitepaper

"Cybercriminals Beware"

Intego Research Report

Intego explores various aspects of macOS malware attribution, the unmasking of real-world identities of Mac malware creators, with five case studies where the true identity of malware makers were brought to light, often with minimal effort by researchers.

  • Abstract
  • Who makes Mac malware, and why?
  • Does this white paper benefit cybercriminals by telling them what to avoid?
  • Are there challenges that make it difficult to properly attribute malware?
  • Why does attribution matter?
  • Case Studies

Here's a Breakdown

of What You're Going To Discover

  • Case Study 1: Coldroot RAT
  • Case Study 2: Lazarus Group’s Fallchill/Operation AppleJeus
  • Case Study 3: CreativeUpdater
  • Case Study 4: Pirrit/VSearch
  • Case Study 5: Fruitfly/Quimitchin
  • Conclusion

Why Should You Get the Whitepaper?

In this fascinating short read, Intego’s Chief Security Analyst Josh Long takes readers on a journey through several cases where the real-world identities of malware creators were brought to light, often with minimal effort. This white paper serves as a warning to anyone who may be considering making Mac malware: you will probably get caught; it’s not worth the risk.

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